Open Wide

Good Morning!

Well we had Spring on Tuesday and here it is Winter again. Gotta love this place we call home! This morning as I began to think about today’s words Chris came into the office. We began to talk about worship last Sunday and he reflected that perhaps I could reflect on the concept of open communication and how wonderful it is when we all participate in the sharing of our thoughts and ideas. Last Sunday we began our worship time with a discussion about a Hymn. I invited folks to reflect individually and then in small groups about the words of the hymn – what resonated; what caused a moment of discomfort; was there anything in particular that spoke clearly to their belief system. Then we shared some of that with the whole congregation and finally sang the hymn together.

Doing this kind of thing is difficult for some. There may be the question of whether or not your reflections are correct; or the feeling that perhaps others don’t really want to hear what you have to say; and still others may wonder “ what if what I say is not what others believe?” However, if we can somehow get past these barriers and share with one another then what we get is an amazing experience of being heard, nurtured and embraced. We grow with one another and learn how to live together in the midst of our differences. There can be moments of insight and there can be moments that give us pause for further thought. If we cannot get beyond this and silence becomes our mode of operation then we become stagnant and will eventually die.

Verse 2 of the Hymn ‘ Let There Be Light” says – “ Open our lips, open our minds to ponder, open the door of concord, opening into grace”. As we share with one another our stories, our insights, our understandings then the door of grace is opened wide and we can truly become the people God has called us to be!

My prayer for us is that our lips will be opened and that our minds will ponder and that we will know God’s amazing grace!


Reminders of the week

We hold in our hearts and prayers the family of Bernie MacDonald. Bernie passed away Tuesday evening. His celebration of life service will be from First United at some point in the next couple of weeks. Date and time of the service will be announced later. We are currently compiling a list of people who are willing to offer their gift of food preparation when we are called upon for funeral receptions. If you are able to make sandwiches or sweets and are willing to have your name added to the list please let me know. There will be a sign up sheet circulated on Sunday morning or simply reply to this email.

Sunday – 10:30am – Worship 11:30am  – Workshop with Roger 6:30pm – Youth Groups.  SQUARE DANCING!!!!

Sunday January 27 – Pot Luck Lunch and Congregational Meeting! We are at a place in our life together when we are faced with issues regarding our church building. This congregational meeting will be the first of several that will assist us in making the decisions that God calls us to make. On the 27th we will talk about what our ministry is as First United. Why do we exist? We will be provided with the list of repairs needed to our church and the associated costs and we will explore the options that are before us. No decision will be made this day. We will then be asked to take the information and digest it; talk about it; pray about it and return at a later day for a time of decision making

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