Pajama Parties

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

We spend a lot of our time in the church doing stuff – meetings, fund raising, preparing for the next event, giving pastoral care to those who are in need, attending worship; bible study or some other program; and tending to the day to day things that come into our life. Then there is the stuff that we have to deal with in our personal lives – cleaning our homes, preparing meals, tending to work things, taking care of our loved ones and so much more. We are busy and the busyness of our lives often means that we do not take time to play. Yesterday, I joined with 20 or so women from the congregation for a pajama party. You heard it right – a pajama party! What a wonderful way to begin the new year! There was no agenda, no other purpose than to eat and chat and be together in fellowship. It was an opportunity to simply be and it was great!

In the midst of this atmosphere of playfulness and joy there was the presence of the Divine and it was tangible! At times the conversation was filled with laughter and there was an understanding that each person in that room was valued and treasured. There were also moments of deep concern and compassion . Stories were shared about family and situations that people were dealing with while others listened and shared the journey. There was talk about joys and sorrows, faith and spirit, children and grand-children. In each person present the Christ was revealed and the light of the world shone brightly!

We are have begun a new year and the slate before us is blank. We can choose to fill it with all kinds of busyness or we can choose to find that balance between worship, work and play that will fill our souls and empower us to be all that we were created to be. My prayer is that this is what we will do! Remember to make room for pajama parties!!



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