Past, Present and Future Merge

The sun begins to set. The water is calm and clear. A sailboat is moored in the harbour and a dory rests in the cove near the wharf.

As I stand on the shore and watch a couple of other boats bring people ashore who have been exploring the sea I hear voices float through the air, stories are told and laughter shared. This is the reality that I found myself in on Monday as we visited the places where our family story began.

Roots That Go Deep
We walked over the cliffs and through the villages. Every now and then I would point out to the girls a particular place that once was home for my grand parents or Mark’s grandfather. This trip to Twillingate Island is one that we have made as a family almost every time we return to Newfoundland and each time it is food for the soul. The presence of the ancestors is tangible. I feel grounded and attached to the roots that go deep. Despite the calmness of the day I scan the rugged coastline and have a sense of the hardships that have been endured in this place. Yet, in this moment, there is nothing but peace.

As I sat on the cliff in Little Harbour and looked across the cove at the spot where my grandparents house once stood I am connected with creation and my being is flooded with grace.

Where the Past, Present and Future Merge
This is a thin place for me where the past, present and future merge. At one point in our journey we walked up the mountain in Pike’s Arm. Here you can see for miles and take in a view that is breath taking. I am reminded of the stories where Jesus went up the mountain to commune with his God. I know why he chose those places when he wanted to meditate and connect with the sacred energy that was his grace and power. There is an energy present that I know weaves its way through all of life and I am as close to the Divine as I can possibly be.


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