Peace in the Chaos

Good morning

Well it doesn’t look much like Christmas outside with the rain falling by the bucket full but inside preparations are in full swing. The church is decorated and this Saturday the hall will be done. This Sunday all of the goodies for our Christmas boxes should come in and then the Parlour will become work central as we prepare to make, at least, a few families’ Christmas a little brighter.

This morning, as I sit here, I am reminded that Christmas is a very difficult time for many. With the hyper focus on family, on giving and getting, on parties and fun, the pressure is great. There are some among us who are feeling keenly the absence of loved ones who, for the first time, will not be with us around the table. Some are struggling with finances and because of the stress of the season are feeling defeated and alone. Some are dealing with the darkness and emotions are at an all time high. These are just a few of the realities that make this time of year more difficult.

And yet, as Christians, the story of Christmas should be what gives us strength even in the midst of these realities. For we know that this time of year is not about Santa, it is not about spending, it is not about keeping up with the neighbours. The story that we share in these weeks is about promise, it is about hope and it is about love that can transform a broken and hurting world.

There is the hope that something amazing is about to happen that can bring light into the darkness. There is the promise that no matter the road that lies before us, we are not alone. Spirit is present among us and there are others who travel with us revealing the Divine presence. And there is the belief that as Love is born again in our midst we are held and nurtured and empowered to be the Christ in this time and place.

So wherever you find yourself this Christmas my prayer is that you will know a moment of peace in the chaos; that you will be able to feel the embrace of divine love; that you will feel the presence of spirit and know that you are not alone; and that the light will pierce the darkness so you can find your way.


Reminders of the Week:

Saturday, December 9th – 7pm Cantabile Christmas with Brass
Sunday, December 10th – 10:30, White Gift Service followed by Sunday school pageant, lunch and mini Christmas market in the hall. (Lunch will be provided – just bring yourself!!!)
Thursday, December 21st – Concert of a 100 Candles with “ Blackwood”

Christmas Eve Services, December 24th
10:30am – Children’s Service
7pm – Story and Song
10pm – Candlelight Communion

Christmas Day, December 25th
10am – Gather in Memorial Hall for a time of sharing stories and singing

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