Perfect Peace and Harmony


Over the past little while I have been delving into some aspects of Native Spirituality. It has been such a gift to me ! The Native Drumming circle is one that I wrote briefly about when we had Laurie visit our Youth group and introduce us to this amazing practice. Since then I have had the privilege of going on a Soul Retrieval Journey, In the Native tradition it is believed that when something traumatic happens to us then our soul fragments and stays in the place. In order to move forward  in peace the soul should return. To do this one goes on a shamanic journey.

“To practice shamanism is to “see with the heart”-to view the world from a perspective beyond our five senses and recognize that the spiritual and material realms are fundamentally connected. Sandra Ingerman calls shamanism a path of direct revelation, one that provides you with powerful tools for tapping into the unseen world for insight and healing.

It is difficult to put into words what this experience was for me. I did not go on the journey itself but did the drumming for it. There was a sense of peace and pure grace in that space that will rest with me for a long time. We arrived at our host’s house and gathered first around the table where we drank tea and she explained the process and what to expect.  From there we entered this space surrounded by the many wonders of creation and the room itself seemed to be one with the universe. After a smudging ceremony the shaman and the person seeking healing lay down and prepared to enter a state of meditation while I began to drum. The journey took about 15 min. At its conclusion the shaman returned with a fragment of the soul and shared what she had seen and felt.

Spiritually this was a moment of transfiguration for me, as it was for the person seeking healing, it was a moment where the pieces of the puzzle seemed to all fit together and healing began. As we left that space I felt like I had been embraced in the unconditional love of God and knew a moment of perfect peace and harmony. The words that Jesus spoke to his disciples rested in my being and I knew the truth of them.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid”





Reminders of the Week


There will be a congregational meeting immediately following worship on April 6 for the purpose of entertaining a motion on same gender marriage. Since this is a spiritual matter, those eligible to vote are confirmed members of the United Church of Canada whose membership resides on the roles of First United Church,


An educational event was held on March 16 and the materials from that meeting will be made available to those who were not able to attend. They will be sent out electronically and available in hard copy at the back of the church. The event for March 23 has been cancelled.


Worship this Sunday 1030  Will be led by the Youth Group of First United and will focus on peace and justice

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