planting seeds

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As we travel this journey we call life, we each have the opportunity to make our mark on the Universe. Some of us do that in small ways, touching those closest to us and the seeds we plant are done so in our own small garden. This is wonderful! Others, however, go far beyond their own little circle and tend to many gardens, planting seeds and nurturing growth in ways that are almost unfathomable. Marcus Borg was one such individual. If one was to google Marcus Borg the results go for pages. On the Wikipedia website we are introduced to Marcus Borg with these words.

“Marcus Borg (March 11, 1942 – January 15,2015) was an American New Testament scholar, theologian and author. He was a fellow of the Jesus Seminar and a former Hundere Distinguished Professor o Religion and Culture at Oregon State University. Borg was among the most widely known and influential voices in progressive Christianity.”

For many of us, Marcus Borg’s writings were among the first to challenge us in our understanding of faith, of life and of Christianity. Being introduced to Marcus Borg was a turning point in my own theological journey. Reading his writings and engaging in conversation with others a veil was lifted for me and I was able to grow again in my faith with new insight, wonder and joy.

In Remembering his life, a long time friend of Marcus Borg writes these word “Spanning the study of Jesus and a wide variety of subjects, Marcus shaped the conversation about Jesus, the church, and Scripture in powerful ways over the space of four decades. I came to different conclusions about a number of issues, but Marc was always incisive, tenacious, thoughtful, and unfailingly gracious; and over the years he became a cherished friend.”

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Today I give thanks for Marcus Borg and the mark that he has made on the Universe. Our world has been changed by his presence and the seeds he planted will continue to grow for generations yet to come.


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