Precious Moments

Good afternoon!


Today I find myself reflecting on the amazing gift of family and faith and of the young people whose presence speaks of God’s awesome wonder . We just came through another wonderful meeting of Maritime Conference. There were moments of tedious business that one would rather do without; there were moments of intense laughter ; there were moments of sorrow as we remembered the ministers who this past year began their journey in the kingdom; there were moments of worship where the presence of the Spirit was tangible; and then there was the gift of the young people. These young people breezed into our presence with passion and power. They invited us to imagine a life that was filled with love and peace and justice; to reach out our hands in compassionate service and to walk a mile in another’s shoes. They were the presence of God!


I returned home to make my way to the hospital where family and friends were gathered around one whose journey was ending far too soon. There were moments of deep sorrow; there were moments of laughter as stories were shared; there were moments of fear and uncertainty; and then there was the gift of the young people gathered to bring comfort and hope and light. They came into this space with deep compassion and unconditional love. They were a source of strength to a mother and father who were experiencing their worst nightmare. They were the presence of God!


Two very different experiences in just a few short days but it was the gift of the young people in both instances that has left my heart pounding with joy and soaring with grace!







Today we hold in our prayers the family and friends of Jonathan McIntyre. There will be a  celebration of Jonathan’s life on Sunday 2pm here in the Church. Visitation will take place 1-4pm Saturday at Mattatal ~ Varner funeral home.

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