Reflecting the Energy

Good morning!

There is a passage in our sacred story that talks about a woman who had been ill for many years. She had been following the meanderings of the prophet Jesus and she believed that he could heal her. She did not need to talk to him but merely get close enough to tap into his energy. It is said that she approached him in the crowd and touched the hem of his robe. When she did Jesus felt the transfer of energy, as did she and things were immediately different. This energy is something that surrounded Jesus and drew people to him.

We are all surrounded by energy, positive and negative. That energy is reflected and felt in our very beings. Some of us are unaware of it, at a conscious level, but it is what informs our feelings, and impressions of people, places and situations. It will determine whether or not we engage in a particular journey or walk a different path. As individuals we exude energy and it communicates sadness, joy, life, death, celebration, apathy etc. to those around us. When we connect with divine energy we can gain strength and courage; we feel hope and promise and we can in turn affect light and life and love in the world.

Throughout my journey I have encountered people whose energy has deeply affected my life. When I was a teen I attended a revival meeting at a local camp. The speaker, an ordained minister, exuded a negative energy that was truly disturbing. To this very day, I can still feel a presence that I can only describe as evil. I knew at that moment that this was not something I wanted to be a part of and I never again returned. In fact, I made sure that I never connected with this man again. This had an impact on my belief system, my relationship with Divine and how I chose to live my life.

Fast forward some 35 years to an encounter with another gentleman named Gordon. I first met him and really talked to him when he was admitted to hospital. When I entered his room and looked upon his face I was immediately touched by what I can only describe as amazing grace! I was surrounded by warmth and love. I knew in that moment the presence of divine energy and it had an impact on my journey and my spirit. I returned to that place and that person often and although he no longer physically walks in this realm I can still feel his energy.

The same is true of our communities of faith. When people walk into our midst they are met with an energy that will determine whether or not they return and that impression is made within the first moments of entering. This past Sunday I felt just that. In my home pastoral charge there are four separate churches. I normally attend the one in my home town. This past Sunday I attended worship in my home church and in another point on the charge. Wow! What a difference. Both are small country churches with declining membership but what a difference in the energy! When you walk into my home church, even though for me it is familiar and comfortable, you are confronted with depression, sadness, decline and on a certain level, death. There is very little sound, the walls are basically bare, people look almost dejected and disengaged. The energy in the room is heavy and almost hopeless. Place this next to the second point on the charge. When you enter, immediately there is a sense of life and warmth. There is a buzz as people talk to one another and children’s voices rise in the midst. There is colour all around in the paintings, the stained glass and the people. There is an energy that speaks of community, engagement, light and life.

What is the energy that we reflect? When someone walks into our community of faith what are they met with? Will they return or simply walk way? Are we connected to divine energy and, like Jesus whose body we are, do we draw people to us? Perhaps if we but touch the hem of his robe, tap into his energy, we will also be changed and in turn change others. May it be so!



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