Remember when…

Good Morning
It is early morning and the sun is rising. You are standing on the river bank . As the cold night air meets the warmth of the rising sun a mist forms over the water. Then a gentle breeze begins to blow and the mists rises. Into your view comes the brilliant rays of the sun that encompass creation and in the distance the call of the loon breaks through singing the song of the universe.
It is evening, the sky is ablaze with the glow of the setting sun. The last of the day’s warmth begins to fade. Sitting with friends around a fire, the sounds of woodland creatures in the distance, the story tellers begin.

Remember when ……
there was more time to sit and relax
we didn’t have to lock our doors
we played hide and seek in the dark
it was safe to walk the streets at night
we ate together as a family
we spent more time in the outdoors.

Today is Earth Day! We give thanks for the creation that supports and sustains us, physically, spiritually and emotionally. We are reminded on this day that we have taken the Earth for granted and have failed to realize just how connected we are. Most of our actions reflect an understanding that says we are outside the Earth when in fact we are intricately connected and interdependent. Jesus, I believe, knew this well. Many of his lessons drew on the creation to help us understand – the story of the mustard seed ( Matt. 17:20) The cursing of the Fig Tree ( Mark 11:12-25) God sees the Sparrow ( Matt 10:29) the vine and branches ( John 15) The Tree and its fruit ( Luke 6:43-45) The parable of the Sower ( Luke 8:1-8) . When Jesus was discerning the Spirit’s call to him and making important decisions it was to the wilderness , or the mountain, or the garden or the sea that he went. In those places, connected with the Universe, he found rest for the soul and challenge for the spirt.

Take a moment today, out of the busyness, to commune with nature and to breathe in the Divine that is present in all of creation. Listen to the birds, and perhaps you will hear the song of the Sacred; look at the trees and perhaps you will see the beginning growth of new life as the buds form on the branches; look into the vast expanse of the sky and perhaps you will feel the enormity of love Divine.


Reminders of the Week

We have just installed a new phone system. Please be patient as we learn to use it !!!!

Thursday 6:30pm – Gathering in the church hall to look at the proposed changes coming to the meeting of the General Council this August. These changes, if passed, will affect people at all levels of the church – congregation, presbytery, Conference and General Council. This is a chance to glean some understanding and to make your voice a part of the response.

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