Rest of Summer

Good Morning One and All!

We have reached that time of year again when we are busy closing down the regular routines for the rest of summer. The days and weeks ahead will take us out to enjoy the beauty of creation that surrounds us. For some among us this month marks the end of a chapter in our lives as we study for exams and prepare to finish off the high school years. We look with anticipation to the next phase and are busy planning a final summer at home. Some of us are having closing suppers and gatherings for the many groups we belong to that will stop for the summer and we are looking forward to a couple of months without meetings. Some of us are busy planning summer vacations, anxious to enjoy the respite of the cottage or the break from the speed of the rest of the year.

As we begin the summer I am reminded that rest is important for all of us. Jesus knew this. Time and again we hear stories of how, after a long day or week, Jesus went off to a quiet place to pray. A time to feed the soul for the journey that God entrusted to him. Or he went to friends, like Mary and Martha, and rested in their home allowing them to tend to his needs. When our souls and bodies are rested we are better able to respond to the call of God among us. Our minds are cleared and our energy level restored.

My prayer this day is that each will find the time and space to be renewed and empowered.


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