Ripples in the Lake

Good morning!

As I sit at my desk this morning I cannot help but feel the weight of yet another death of a young person as a result of violence and bullying. It is certainly the topic of discussion everywhere – the newspaper, radio, facebook and general conversation around kitchen tables. It is good that we are talking but also sad that it takes such horrible events to keep this reality on our radar. I have no new words of wisdom about what can or cannot be done and my heart aches that our children are being raised in such a place that things like rape and bullying are an everyday reality. And yet I know that, at the heart of the Christian message lies the call to confront and change such behaviours. I also know that I cannot change someone else but I can change myself and in doing so effect change in the world. So perhaps one of the things that each of us can do is ask the question “ how do my words/actions enable a culture of discrimination, violence, exclusion and fear to continue and indeed grow?” and then ask “ what must I do to change that in me?” These are not small questions but ones that we need to ask because the Gospel calls us to create a very different world.

It never ceases to amaze me as I do my morning devotions how something always surfaces in my reading to speak to where I am and where I am called to be. Today I share with you the prayer of Moira Rose

Lord, as your Spirit falls on us let it be like the first drops of rain on a parched and barren land
Awakening us like seeds in the desert to flower and show your glory.
Let it be like ripples in the lake; reaching out through minds, bodies and souls.

Each one of us like a stone thrown into the lake;
Our every word and action causes ripples that affect the lives of others.
Help us to think before we speak or act,
To listen to your words to us,
So that our ripples may stir the calm of complacency,
Splash on the face of oppression
And surge through barriers and divisions,
That all the world may come to know your living water.


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