Share Your Blessings

Good Morning all ~ Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

We have been talking, these last couple of months about discipleship and building on the foundation laid by Jesus in his ministry. On Sunday we explored the concept of being community and how we are called to share the gifts and resources we have to create a better world. I invited you to take time this week to share your faith, your support, your food, your own unique gift with someone. Being in community is an amazing experience and sometimes we do not fully know what our presence means to the person we have reached out to.

On Sunday, following worship I received a text from Mark telling me that he would be late getting home because Sarah, our daughter, wanted him to run some errands with him. When he got home he told me this story – Sarah and her partner Chris had saved all of their roll up the rim to win tabs and today was the day to get rid of them. She wanted to go into the city, walk up and down Spring Garden Road and pass them out to people on the street. So that is what they did. The first person she handed one to she said “Here is a coffee and wedges”. The man thanked her and added “I really don’t like wedges but my friend does and I will give them to him”.

When Mark shared this story with me I thought “ WOW!!” and of course I am so proud of my daughter. But then I thought “She got it! All the things that we have tried to teach her; and all the things she has learned in her journey of faith have made a difference in her life and in the lives of others.”

In the Book of Acts we read how the first Christians came together and shared all things in common. They shared everything as anyone had need. While the world we live in is certainly nothing like this, for the disparity between the rich and the poor is great indeed, we can reflect the ideal and we can do our part to share the blessings that we have been given. It will definitely be a long journey to establishing the world that the Divine intends but we can do it one person, one gift, at a time.

May it be so


Reminders of the Week:

GIANT YARD SALE!!!!! This Saturday, doors open at 9am. Come, bring a friend, tell a stranger about it, and who know what treasures you will find

This Sunday is CHANGE FOR CHANGE. Don’t forget your change ( or if you don’t have change the children will also take bills! ?

Advance planning for Mother’s Day ! On Sunday May 14 , Cantablile Singers welcome Nova Voce (Nova Scotia’s provincial men’s choir) Tickets available at church office, MacQuarrie’s or at the door

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