Signs of Spring

Good Morning!

This morning with another layer of freshly fallen snow it might be difficult to think that this is spring. And yet, there are signs of it all around us. We can feel the difference in the sun. It’s power and warmth has begun to change. Evenings are brighter as the sun sets later in the day. People also reveal the difference in their actions and words. Conversations are turning to gardens, planting and tending. Hopes of new life and possibility abound. We know in our bones that the season is changing and out of the barrenness of winter there waits, just beneath the surface, the promise of rebirth.

This is my favourite time of year and my favourite time in the Christian year. With the promise of Easter looming on the horizon we prepare as a community to move again from death to life. Even though there may still be moments of uncertainty, doubt and fear we know deep in our souls that the season is changing. Easter will come, the Son will rise and resurrection is our reality. Something filled with deep mystery and so profound that even the darkness is as light, mourning is turned to dancing and sadness into joy!

So this morning, as I sit in the promise of possibility my soul sings!

A Morning Psalm (by Valerie Peyton Kingsbury)

The kiss of the wind
It sounds forth the chime
And just for this day
We know not the time
For in this space
In the quiet and the calm
My soul sings out
In the joy of a psalm

The birds sing with me
Of hope and of praise
My spirit is filled
My voice I do raise
With love and with joy
And with deep thankfulness
I lift up my hands
Creation I bless

I feel God within
My heart knows the peace
The storm clouds do lift
The wind it does cease
For in this space
In the quiet and the calm
My soul sings out
In the joy of a psalm

May you know the promise that lies just beneath the surface waiting for resurrection that will come!


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