Something Powerful

Good Morning!

A couple of weeks ago we had the first dedication of our prayer shawls. These shawls are now at the back of the church and are there for anyone to take and share with someone you think might appreciate/need one. The prayer shawls are meant to be a source of comfort and a reminder of the love and care of God on the journey. They can be offered for any number of reasons – someone who is grieving, going through a difficult time, sick, celebrating something etc.! New shawls will be dedicated as they come in and added to the supply! If you are a knitter and would like to make one the patterns are available in the church office.

I have recently re-discovered the amazing writing of Kahlil Gibran. In his book “ The Prophet” you can find these words regarding prayer

“ For what is prayer but the expansion of yourself into the living ether? And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart. And if you cannot but weep when your soul summons you to prayer, she should spur you again and yet again, through weeping, until you shall come laughing.

When you pray you rise to meet in the air those who are praying at that very hour, and whom save in prayer you may not meet.

I cannot teach you how to pray in words. God listens not to your words save when He Himself utters them through your lips. But you who are born of the mountains and the forests and the seas can find prayer in your heart.”

It has been my experience that there is something powerful in both the giving and receiving of these prayer shawls and I invite you participate in this amazing ministry!

Blessings, Valerie


Reminders of the week

We hold in our prayers this week the families of Ruth Pulsifer, Avis Sullivan and Ryland Marshall who each completed their earthly journey and have now entered into the joy of the Kingdom.

Avis’s funeral will be held Thursday at 2pm at Mattatall~Varner Funeral home.

Rylie’s funeral will be held at First United 2pm on Friday

Ruth’s funeral will be held at First United 2pm Tuesday ( July 2)

If you are able to lend your voice to the choir on Friday or Tuesday please arrive at the church by 1:15

Today will be my final weekly note until August. After church on Sunday I will be heading out for vacation and will return the 4th of August. If you are in need of a minister during that time please call on Roger or Chris and take care of each other.

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