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Three years ago Chris and I decided to enter a Hymn writing contest with the United Church. The task was to create an Easter Hymn based on part of the United Church “ Song of Faith”. This venture was really the beginning of a journey for us as a ministry team where we have discovered a creative energy that fills our passion for ministry and for the proclamation of the Gospel. Some of the things we have written we have already shared with many of you. Part of the creative process is writing and rewriting and rewriting again. Sometimes what results is a new hymn or liturgical resource and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes what emerges are new words to old hymn tunes. Here is one that I wrote recently while thinking about the Holy week journey .


Walk the Path of Jesus   ( tune Beneath the cross)  ( Holy Week)

We walk the path of Jesus that leads to Calvary

the journey of a special man for those with eyes to see

But hearts were hard and eyes were closed no rest upon the way

from the burning of the noontide heat and the burden of the day


He walked the path of sorrow and all his friends, they fled

Then Pilate asked him who he was and in response he said

You’re right to say that I am King and this I came to be

To speak the truth to everyone that all the world might see


So with one voice they shouted “ He must be crucified!”

They stripped him of the clothes he wore and then his hands were tied

He bore the cross thru city streets to rest upon a hill

as they raised the cross to crucify, the world around grew still






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