Song of the Universe

Good morning Everyone!

This morning I have the great joy of having Makayla, a young person from our congregation joining me for the day. This is “ Take your Kid to Work “ Day and she has adopted me for that purpose. So my thoughts for today are a combined effort with Makayla. Just like I usually do I asked her to look through a book of spiritual writings and just reflect on something that jumped out for her. This is what she found.

Fulfilment By Bernard Thorogood

The leaf was made for dancing
And the cloud for shade at noon
The breeze was made for freshness
When the sea gleams in the moon
The waves were made for stirring
And the mountains to be still
The daisies made for sunlight
And great trees to clothe the hill
And everything that you have made
Was good in your sight Lord
For all things have a part to play
And nothing is ignored

You lead the way from seed to fruit
From womb to birth to youth
You trust all to be mature
To handle love and truth
Now help us Lord to give a place
To every living thing
To know the good that you have made
That every voice may sing

Everyone and everything has meaning and purpose in the universe that is God. We are blessed and invited to share the good that surrounds us. These words reflect that feeling of inclusion and promise and responsibility. A reminder that we should experience life at it’s greatest in the beauty that can be found in the natural order of things and a call for us to seek goodness and love and truth in all that we do. We join our voice with the song of the universe and celebrate all that is.

My prayer for you this day is that you feel the presence and the power of the universe as it moves through you; that you feel empowered and renewed; that you not only seek the truth and goodness but know it in your heart; and that the God who gives to us such wonder will fill you with grace and peace.

Valerie and Makayla


Reminders of the week

November 16th – Pancake Breakfast 8am – 11am.

November 17th – COME AND CELEBRATE!!!!! Anniversary this year is packed full of celebrations – baptism, confirmation, dedication of community banners and so much more. You won’t want to miss this! And of course, there is food to follow!

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