Spring Clean Up

Good Morning


It is Spring and with that comes spring cleaning. IF you live in the town of Truro that cleaning is embraced by the whole community. As you drive around town sidewalks are littered with all the stuff that people have been collecting and piling up over the winter months. Some people are taking advantage of the Spring clean up to make changes in their homes , throwing out old stuff as renovations begin . I joined in this exercise. Monday was such a beautiful day so I headed out into the yard, rake in hand. I cleaned out the flower beds and added some new soil; moved the fire pit and burned some leaves; planted a new little flower garden with the seeds from Sundays service; and to finish off the day Kaleigh and I ripped up the carpet in the living room that should have been taken up when we moved into the house four years ago. All of the bits and pieces of debris were taken to the sidewalk and carefully stacked so that it can be picked up and hauled way at the end of the week. When it was all done I felt energized and renewed!


There are times when we should also do this kind of cleaning in our spiritual lives. We need to rake the soil of our souls so that it is prepared and ready to receive the seeds that are planted with new ideas and learnings. We sometimes need to rip up the old carpet of our beings because it is old and worn and , although it has served us well, the time has come to replace or renovate for what is yet to come. It is an exercise that can leave one feeling renewed and empowered. With all of the junk cleared out there is so much room!!


Joy Crowley writes this piece about Spring Cleaning in the book “ Seeing Christ in Others” Thought that I would share it with you


Spring Cleaning


Hey Jesus,

Did you say something about possessions?

Well, it just so happens

That I’d be very pleased

If you’d take some of this stuff

Which keeps getting in the way.

For example, tht old trunk

Filled with ideas which no longer fit.

In the past they’ve served me well

But now they’re tight. They chafe

And are splitting at the seams.

You’ve given me new garments to grow into.

Over here, I’ve got stacks of answers

Dating back to the days when

Life was filled with questions.

You took the questions last collection.

I don’t know why I’m hanging on to these.


Down by your feet, are some masks.

I keep accumulating those

In spite of the fact that I promised myself

I’d never wear masks again. They’re so heavy!


These bundles are heavy too,

Judgemental attitudes wrapped in fear.

Can you help me to move them?


Hey Jesus,

Why don’t I just hand it all to you

And let you deal with it?

Why don’t I just stand here

And admire the results of our spring cleaning?

You know , this house is surprisingly big,

I didn’t know I had so much space.

Hey Jesus,

Would you like to move in?


So take that broom and sweep out the cobwebs; take the rake and till the soil; remove the garbage and make room. Then as the sun shines into  the windows of our souls may it  prepare the soil of our beings for new life and growth.




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