Team Work

Good Morning!

I have been reflecting lately on team work and how a good team really makes things so much better. Each one giving of their talents and complimenting the other. Details are not my thing. When I walk into a room I rarely take in the pictures on the walls or the way things are arranged. I tend to be a person who notices the feelings that are present. When I returned from sabbatical for example I did not notice that there was a window missing from the church until someone pointed it out to me! I see things with broader strokes and tend to respond to what is in front of me. Chris, on the other hand, is the master of details! So together we are able to fill in the whole picture to create something that is wonderful!

Being in community is really about team work. Jesus demonstrated this in his ministry. When he began, the first thing he did was to gather a team of people around him who would walk beside him, share the work load, and support one another with their unique talents. When he sent the disciples out to do the work of ministry he also did that in groups. “ He called to him the disciples and sent them out two by two” (Mark 6:7a) He goes on to tell them to take nothing with them but to depend on the people they would meet on the way.

As we enter this new season being a team is of the utmost importance. It is only together that we will be able to grow and learn and become all that we are created to be. It will be in combining our talents that we will be able to best proclaim the gospel and be the body of Christ . May it be so.


Reminders of the Week

This Sunday – Sunday School Opening and Congregational BBQ. Youth Group at 6:30pm.

As we look to preparing for the coming year with Sunday School and Youth Group there are ways that you can help. Food is an important part of our gathering time and we would like to stock up on supplies. If you are able to donate any of the following items please drop them off at the church office:

1) Juice boxes or bottles of juice
2) Packages of crackers
3) Bags of chips/cheesies/nachos
4) Packages of Rice crispy squares
5) Granola bars
6) Packages of cheese and crackers

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