Tell a Story or Two and Listen

Wednesday’s Wonderings

My mother was an English teacher and taught in a small, one room, school in Brigus NL until she married. In the late 1940’s it was not common practice for a woman to continue working after marriage so she left formal teaching and soon had children of her own. I don’t remember her ever formally teaching us as we grew but she did instill in us a love of the English language, of literature, and of learning. My sisters and I have, each in our own way, carried on her passion for education and writing. This past week my sister, Beulah, launched a website staring her writing.  (Check her out at Some of her pieces are filled with fun and silliness, some are of a more serious nature. All of them contain nuggets of wisdom, insight and wonder and each one reflects something of the everyday to which we can all relate.

With her permission I want to share one of her reflections called “Henry” 

” So is the PowWow going ahead” I asked ” Oh yes! They are all meeting over there – trying to decide whether it should be inside or outside” Then he sat a spell to tell one of his stories.
“Henry’s the name. I’m from New Brunswick. Been here three or four times, years ago, but not for a while now. Then the boat broke last week and you see, I had an “Oh Well” day. Ordered the part right off and headed over here to dance and listen to some stories”

” So, are you a storyteller?” I asked

“I’m a dancer and a storyteller. Don’t know much myself. Cup’s only half full most of the time so I like to listen. Then I’ll tell a story or two and when I run out of knowing, I listen some more. Lost 12 years of my life to a bottle wine one time. Not so anymore. Now, I tell a story or two to someone else who needs to hear. They know I’ve been there so I can relate. And then I listen.”

Then he walked away to dance, tell a story or two, and to listen.

Quite often at the end of worship I use the words – may we see the face of Christ in everyone we meet. When I read this story of Henry I immediately thought of Jesus. Here, in this brief moment, my sister had received the gift of sitting a while with Jesus. As she shared the story we too are offered this privilege.
When Jesus told his stories there was always a piece of wisdom, a moment of insight or a word that spoke to the soul. As I listen to Henry’s words what jumps out for me is the phrase “I had an ‘Oh Well’ day and then I came here to dance and listen to some stories”. 

Isn’t that simply wonderful!!!!

We all have those kinds of days. Times when things don’t go as we expect. Perhaps there is a bump in the road or the sun doesn’t shine as brightly as we need. When that happens, imagine what would happen if could just dance, tell a story or two and listen! 

May it be so.


Reminders of the week:
On Saturday, July 29th we will be joining our brothers and sisters in the Colchester area United Churches to march in the pride parade. Details of where to meet will come your way shortly .

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