Thanks for the Friends

Good morning!


27 years ago I met a young man named Danny. We became fast friends and spent the next two years, studying, writing papers, worshipping  and playing together. We were partners in crime! Then our paths went different ways and we lost track of one another. Yesterday, 25 years later, we sat together again over lunch. It was as if those 25 years had melted away and we had never lost touch. We told stories and remembered “the good old days”; talked about our families, our jobs, our children and where we are in our spiritual journey. It was an amazing and a wonderful gift. After we parted ways again I began to think about the precious gift of friendship . Some friends are specific to a time and place in our journey and then they are gone; some friends may have been around since childhood; some friends are new and the relationship is just beginning; some friends are in and out along the journey and each time it is as if they never left. Each one is sacred and precious in the journey we call life and are an integral part of who we are .


So my prayer for you today is that you take a moment to give thanks for the friends in your life who are a part of your fabric . These people are reflections of Christ.




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