The Awe of it All!

Happy Day before Christmas Eve!!!!!


Just thought I would send out a short note this morning  as we approach our Christmas Eve celebrations! Many of you I will see at one of the services but others of you are off in other lands . To each of you I say “ Have a blessed time wherever you find yourselves”  My prayer is that you will know the mystery of this moment and that your hearts will be open to the birthing of the Christ in you.


 Joy Crowley of New Zealand writes these words:

 Look now!

It’s happening again.

Love like a high spring tide

Is swelling to fullness and overflowing

The banks of our small concerns.


And here again is the star,

The white flame of truth

Blazing the way for us

Through a desert of tired woods


Once more comes the music,

Angel song that lifts our hearts

And tunes our ears

To the harmony of the universe

Making us wonder how

We ever could have forgotten.


And now the Magi within us

Gathers up gifts of gold and myrrh

While the other part of ourselves

The impulsive, reckless shepherd,

Runs helter skelter with arms outstretched

To embrace the wonder of it all


We have no words

To contain our praise.

We ache with awe

We tremble with miracle

As once again

In the small rough stable of our lives

Christ is born




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