The In-between!

Good Morning


Here it is, the middle of June already and we are busy with closings – Sunday school, youth group, our women’s groups, the men’s fellowship; graduations from high school, college and university; and the school year draws to a close . Each closing marks times of celebration and the promise of new beginnings. Before us lies the summer – that time of in-between where we will take time to relax and recharge our batteries and then prepare for what will come when we return.  The in-between times are important ones in our journey. Those times when we step back, breathe deeply and refocus. Donal Harrington writes “ We rest from our work, our activity, to make contact again with the fire that burns within us, the passion of our faith, the conviction of what we believe in”


As you rest from activities may you indeed make contact with the fire that burns within.




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