The Light of the World

We are almost there!! The stable is within our sight and the light of the star grows brighter with each moment. This journey is a wonderful one; a difficult one; joy filled and at the same time marked by tears. We are keenly aware of family at this time of the year, those present and those whose physical presence is but a memory. We tell the story that speaks of times gone by and dream of what is yet to come. With all of that we walk, or run or dance toward the One who will surround us with light and love.

In a few short days, with all that we have done and all that we have left undone, we will stop and for a moment the peace and mystery of the birth of a child will overwhelm us. May the Light of the World fill your life with light.


It is always difficult when we have to say good-bye to someone we love. This week we have had to do that in this family of faith as we journeyed with Joan Campbell and commended her into God’s tender care. But we do this, also, with some celebration. We give thanks for who she was and is for us and we move forward in the knowledge that as she drew her last she rose again in glory! Joan’s Celebration of Life Service will be Saturday December 29th at 1pm at First United Church.

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