the Pattern of Life

Good morning! 

My daughter, Sarah, is performing in a musical theatre competition this coming weekend. In preparation for that she needed a dress like Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”. She asked me if I could make it and of course I said yes. Sounds simple enough the only problem is that I really don’t do so well with following patterns. (Chris would say that is because I really don’t like following instructions! LOL) However, I decided that with a project like this I had better get a pattern and use it. This is when it gets a little complicated. You see, some of the pieces didn’t look like they fit together so that took some figuring out. Then there is the whole issue of sizing!! Apparently one inch is not really one inch in every instance. I had all the needed measurements and chose the size that was supposed to fit. My seam allowances were smaller than those recommended so, in theory, the dress should have been a little larger than needed. NOT!!!! In fact it was at least three to four sizes too small. So I bought another pattern and more material and started all over. This time I chose a size that was 4 sizes larger than I needed, made smaller seams again (just in case) and proceeded to put it all together. And it worked! At least what is done to this point. There are still some things left to finish so it still has time to be another disaster but I think all looks well!. To top it all off, it isn’t the style of dress I had originally seen in my minds’ eye but it is good!.

I began to think about how this situation is very similar to what we find ourselves in on this adventure we call life. Sometimes we think that we have all the right equipment, the plan and process to carry it out is all in place, and we have a vision of what the end result will be. Then we find out that the pieces don’t fit like they are supposed to, or that the size is completely wrong, and we have to start all over again. Even then the pattern it is not always right. But despite all of that, we re-create the vision and begin again. Along the way there are adjustments that need to be done and perhaps what finally becomes reality is not exactly what we had envisioned in the beginning but it is good!.

So what have I learned? Patterns are okay but not necessarily the perfect fit. One must always be prepared to adjust or change and in some cases be very creative! As people on a journey of faith, living in community, it is important that we have a plan and a process in place to move and grow and learn and become all that we are created to be. But we also need to be prepared to adjust or change and be creative cause sometimes an inch is not really an inch !


Reminders of the Week

What you no longer use or need might be someone else’s treasure!!!! Gather those things and drop them off at the church in preparation for our annual Yard Sale!!! The Yard sale will be April 30th ~ 9-12.

I will be leaving in just a week and a half for my sabbatical. After church on May 1st I head out. While I am away several of the other ministers in the area will be on call for emergencies. If you need an ordained minister please just call the office and Tracy will put you in touch with the appropriate person. For regular pastoral care our wonderful pastoral care team will continue with their work and please take care of each other. I am available by phone if, for some reason, you need to chat – 324-1615.

Worship will continue as usual. Rev. Dan Gunn will be covering some of those services, Roger, Chris and Kaleigh will be taking care of the others. A full schedule of who is doing what and when will be in the bulletin this week. It can also be found on the bulletin board in the hall or on the website calendar and under announcements.

“Beyond The Darkness” CD’s are available in the church office. $20. All proceeds go to the ongoing work of the church.

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