The Presence is Made Real

Good Morning! ~ Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

These past few weeks I have been engaged in a number of conversations with people who are struggling – struggling to regain their balance; to see light in the midst of the darkness that is engulfing them; to find a place of peace in their souls; to see their own beauty; to rediscover their place in this turbulent world. All of these individuals are dealing with mental illness and the supports and resources available to them are abysmal! The resources that are available are expensive and out of reach for the average person. For some, faith is an important component to their journey and for others it is not even on the radar and yet what I hear from each one is a deep longing for connection to something that will empower, balance and bring a sense of peace to their beings.

This morning I find myself reflecting on this and wondering how can I better share what feeds my soul? How does one communicate the reality of a connection to an energy that can bring light and hope and peace? It is difficult to share a feeling, an understanding, a belief that often cannot be proven. At least not in the scientific sense with calculations and formulas that cannot be refuted. Yet, as people of faith we need to be able to share what we know to be true – there is a power that exists which can be tapped into and which can bring balance to life.

What I have discovered, once again, is that we are people of story. Although there may not be scientific evidence there is empirical evidence found in the stories that we share of our experiences connecting to the divine. There are many ways to do this and many paths that will take us into the divine embrace. For each person it will be different. When I think about where this presence is most real for me I am aware of the fact that there is not just one place.

Drumming Circle – gathered with my spirit sisters, the sound of the drum reminds us of the heartbeat of the universe. With each beat the connection with mother earth becomes stronger and more penetrating.

In this space there is no judgement, no expectations other than to come as we are. Each soul is held and fed by spirit. Each time I leave this space there is a peace resting in my soul and a power that lifts me up and enables me to move into whatever the days ahead reveal for me

Worship – gathered with people from all walks of life and in different places on the journey, word and song and silence break down barriers and open doors of insight and understanding. I leave each week energized and renewed. I am empowered by the stories of faith that speak of courage , risk, challenge, wonder, joy, uncertainty, doubt, renewal and so much more. In the stories of my ancestors I see my story and my journey.

Coffee with a friend – sometimes for me the most profound experience of the divine is found in the embrace of a friend. In these moments I know that I am valued as a person, loved for being me, my laughter is shared and my tears are wiped away.

Poetry and Art – reading and seeing the spirit revealed in the creative energy of an artist can help me to see beyond the horizon and into the dawn of a new day.

These are just some of the ways that the divine presence is made real in my life. This power is indeed real and available to each one of us. May it be so.


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