The Spirit Speaks…

Good morning!

This past week I  made a journey home to join with family and friends as we surrounded one another in love. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why things happen the way they do and certainly, when it comes to the death of a love one, a questioning of faith comes into play. No matter how strong faith is one often wonders what really happens when the journey on this earth is complete. However, as I drove across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland I was held in the amazing beauty of creation as it blossomed with its last burst of colour and energy before settling in for winter sleep. There was something calming and reassuring as I witnessed this and felt a connection with life and death and new life. On Sunday morning I joined with my home congregation in worship and it was right where I needed to be. There was a presence in the sanctuary that is difficult to explain but was very real for me. I sat in our old, familiar, family pew and I could feel the spirits of all those who have surrounded me since my birth. I could hear their voices, see their smiles, and feel their arms around me. While I am no closer to fully understanding what happens beyond the grave what I am certain of is that the Spirits of my ancestors are still very much a part of my life and that the Spirit of the Universe enfolds me in care.

The Spirit   by Valerie Peyton Kingsbury

The Spirit comes…

                in wind and fire and silence

She breathes life into the lifeless

                and gives strength to the weak

She sings the song of love and hope

                and turns darkness into light


The Spirit speaks…

                through land and time and space

She soothes the soul and calms all fear

                and challenges deep within

She untangles the confusion

                and straightens out the doubt


The Spirit touches…

                heart and soul and mind

She heals the hurt of daily strife

                and laughs through every joy

She cradles every sorrow

                and brings each death, new life.





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