The spirit was tangible and the moment transforming

Good Morning;

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is something that we celebrate, in our church, about 10 times a year. We come to the table and there recite our story. We remember all that has taken place as the Divine weaves through our journey and the path that Jesus followed in carrying out his ministry. In this place we call upon the Spirit to nourish and empower us. I have always found this meal a very powerful one spiritually. Growing up in Newfoundland, in the Methodist tradition, I remember coming to the rail and kneeling beside my family as we were given the bread and the cup. It was a moment of deep connection and filled with a power that I cannot fully explain. These occasions were, for the most part, very serious and approached with great care and reverence. This celebration at the table is a central part of our life together as a Christian community.

In the last month we have come to the table on two different occasions and these celebrations have been two of the most powerful communion experiences I have had in a long time. The first one I invited people to come to the table and partake in the fruit of the vine and to take from the table the seed, representing the seeds that Jesus has planted in us. Moving to the side I watched as the congregation stood and made their way to the front of the sanctuary. Chris played and at one point people joined in spontaneously with the singing of “ O Beautiful Gaia”. The spirit was tangible and the moment transforming! The second one took place this last Sunday as we celebrated the feast of Pentecost. Using a poem by Ann Weems called “ Happy Birthday Church” we came to the communion table and found there birthday cake and juice. Surrounded by the air of festivity and praise, singing “ Marching in the Light of God” the congregation stood and made their way to the front. The spirit was tangible and the moment transforming.

Then there are those times that we gather as community around a common meal. Although these times are not normally referred to as sacrament I have come to understand that there is definitely something sacramental about them. One definition of sacrament is – an outward and visible sign of an inward spiritual truth. If that is what it means then the meal we shared following the “Spirit Song” event this past Sunday was most definitely a sacrament. Gathered from many congregations and denominations, celebrating our common journey, proclaiming the good news of the gospel, joining in love and fellowship we came to the table. The food we shared fed our physical bodies and the fellowship nourished our souls. Together we proclaimed that we are the body of Christ. The spirit was tangible and the moment transforming.


Reminders of the week

I will be away at Conference this coming weekend. Roger and Chris are around and call on one another!

Sunday – 1030am Worship
2pm – Spring Social
7pm – Spring Ring 2015 – proceeds to Nepal relief
(featuring St. James and First United Bell Ringers)

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