To Transform Even The Darkest of Times

At the beginning of the week Chris was reviewing his emails and came across a competition for new words to a couple of the psalms and asked if I might be interested in writing some new words. After closer inspection he said “Never mind”. Now to tell the truth I really can’t remember what psalms he mentioned except that they were somewhere in the 100’s. I’ll return to this shortly.

Fast forward through the week. We continue to be concerned about Mark’s health and his recovery and we wait for more tests. I have walked with a family through death and funeral. There are a number of issues that we are wading through as staff and church. I am in process with another pastoral charge as they search for a new minister and tonight I begin a Joint Needs Assessment with another church. Yesterday I met with a couple of our youth to take Grad photos and shared some time with them as they talked about their plans for the future. Needless to say it has been a week of varying emotions – concern, sadness, worry, uncertainty, celebration, laughter….

This morning as I had my coffee my mind returned to the beginning of the week and Chris’ conversation about the psalms. For some reason psalm 138 kept surfacing for me. Moment of truth again – I really had no idea what psalm 138 said. So I proceeded to look it up. I read the words and as they rested in my being all I could think of was “How fitting for me at this point in the journey.” With the words of the ancestors in front of me, the sun shining in through the window and my pen in hand here is what ended up on the paper.

Filled with Praise
Based on Psalm 138

My heart is filled with praise
And I sing of the wonder of creation.
I bow down
I know the unfailing love and faithfulness
Of Divine presence.

When I cry out
I am embraced and lifted up.
When trouble surrounds me
And I do not know the way
I am held in the heart of love.
I know that I do not walk alone.

I sing with joy
And praise floods my soul

Every step of the journey is filled with ups and downs. Each moment is subject to change as the Universe changes around us. Yet as we move through our days and our weeks we are surrounded by an energy that has the power to transform even the darkest of times. In the midst of our times there are also those moments of laughter and celebration that are a reminder to us of the wonder and joy of living.

May you be filled with wonder and sing with joy!


Reminders of the Week:

This coming Sunday – YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!! Sunday School closing, the youth will lead the service, followed by BBQ, games, fun and fellowship. And don’t forget it’s “Change for Change” Sunday.

Sunday evening – Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education begins. Registration in the church beginning at 2pm.

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