Walking with Jesus

Good morning from Saskatoon!!!

Sitting at the kitchen table, having my second cup of coffee and just finished some more planning for the Lenten season. Wednesday February 10th marks the beginning of Lent. This is traditionally a time to step into the wilderness, to reflect on the journey and this year we will be walking with Jesus through the final week of his life. We will listen to those familiar stories, explore what might have been happening and listen for Divine direction as we continue our journey. I have often wondered what was going through Jesus’ mind and heart at this time. Did he realize just how angry those in places of authority were with him? Did he think that death was a possibility? Of course we will never know for certain because we were not there. However, we can read the stories that have been passed on to us and imagine. We can open our minds and hearts to the movement of Spirit among us and see where the journey takes us.

With this in mind we will follow a different pattern this year beginning with Palm Sunday celebrations on February 14th. We will go to the temple; watch as Jesus is anointed for coming days; celebrate the Passover feast and remember. We will go to the garden and commune with the Divine. We will walk through the streets and make our way to Calvary. We will explore Jesus’ dream for humanity and move beyond the darkness into the light.

My prayer is that along the way we might know a moment of insight and wonder; a moment of challenge; a moment of hope; a moment of connection to Divine; and a moment of amazing grace.


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