We All Need Progressive Lenses

Greetings all! ~ March 8th, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the breaking of my glasses and the gluing them back together. Well, my replacement glasses finally arrived and this too has been a learning experience. My glasses have been progressive lenses for a number of years now so no matter if things were near or far or in between I could easily see. When I had to have the broken ones replaced I decided to return to single vision lenses. There were a number of reasons for this but I figured all would be well and, really, there couldn’t be that much difference! So far from reality!! I have been slowly re-learning how to see. Distance is perfect. In fact, the farther away, the easier it is for me to see. However, in order to see close up I have to take off the glasses all together. Then there is the mid range which poses the most difficulty. I have moved my desk chair a distance from the computer screen, enlarged the font size and thank goodness for wireless keyboards!! I am learning to adapt. Progressive lenses are definitely better than single vison.

Seeing is an interesting thing. How we see the world around us, the community we live in, the people who make up our circle of family and friends, and even the strangers that we meet along the way is very much reliant on the lenses through which we view them. Sometimes those lenses need to be broken or changed so that we are forced to really look and focus. Sometimes, I believe, we need to remove the lenses completely so that we can get a better view or see things differently. But most importantly, what this experience has revealed for me is that single vision really narrows ones ability to take in what is happening. When we can only see one thing, one way of understanding, one way of faith, one way of being then we miss so much of the diversity and possibility that lies before us. I think that it we all need progressive lenses!


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