We Are Not Alone

Good Morning!


Well, to those of you who were praying for a white Christmas ….  Thanks!  But next time , be a little more specific in the amount that you want. Just a white covering would have done!  Things are moving slowly out there this morning but even I have to admit that the white fluffy stuff does look kind of pretty and because it was fluffy it wasn’t that difficult to shovel. For some this past week or so has been filled with Christmas parties for this group or that one; last minute shopping ; Christmas baking; or the preparation for the arrival of family who will be home for the holidays. For some  of us though this can be a very difficult time of year. While the world around seems focused on celebrations some of us are keenly aware of losses, burdens, empty spaces. Laughter is forced and the heart is heavy. If you find yourself in that place remember that Christmas is for you! The real message of Christmas is that God is with us. In the birth of a child God proclaimed hope and love for the world. A child who would grow and touch our lives with comfort and peace, justice and freedom. Christmas tells us that we are not alone.


So my prayer for you this day is that wherever you find yourself you might leave your place and make your way to Bethlehem to see this thing that has come to be. There are others on the road and you are not alone. May the child touch your souls with love ; may the light of the star guide your way; and may the presence of the Great Spirit  lift you to that place of peace that passes all understanding.





Please Note:    The Combined Service of Light tonight at St. Andrews has been postponed until tomorrow evening at 7pm!!!

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