A Glimpse of the Sacred

Good afternoon!!

On Saturday I had the privilege of celebrating a wedding on the beach with a family from our congregation. It was amazing! The sun was shining, a slight breeze blowing and people gathered from all over. Some came from as far away as Florida for this gathering. When I arrived people were sitting in chairs around the property, laughing and chatting. Some people were on the beach enjoying the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait. Some were tossing balls or just running through the grass. People of all ages, shapes and sizes gathered to celebrate. AS I mingled with those gathered and took in the scene before me I could not help but think “ Now this is a slice of paradise!”. I was reminded of the story in the gospel named for Matthew where Jesus talks about the Divine Realm being like a wedding banquet. Here , in this moment, I believe we truly experienced something sacred and were given a glimpse of the world as it should be.

After the wedding I headed back to Truro to attend a concert that was taking place at the church – Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers. Now I will admit that there was a part of me that was simply ready to go home and call it a day but I felt I needed to be present at the church so that is where I went. And I am blessed because I did! What an evening of deep spirit, the thinning of the veil between human and Divine, and food for the soul. The evening began with two young dancers from the Mi’kmaq community. One was a “Jingle Dancer” and we were told that these are dances of healing. The other was a “Butterfly Dancer” whose dance is done in celebration and gratitude. To watch them move transported one to another place. I could feel the power of their movements and joy of creation. I took some pictures as they danced and this is my favourite:



Following this came the offering of the band . There were many things that were exceptional about this but one that I want to reflect on briefly. The lead singer invited us to experience a prayer chant in the Mi’kmaq tradition. Before he began he explained that when the Mi’kmaq people sing a prayer chant they do not use words because they believe that the Creator does not speak as we do. The Creator speaks the language of the heart and so we must pray with the heart. Then the community drum began to beat, accompanied by some sounds from the stringed instruments that are difficult to explain and then Mr. Francis began to chant. Within moments I could feel the energy in the room change and there was a connection with something beyond this physical realm. The haunting sound simply filled the air and I could feel an embrace that was peaceful and comforting. For a brief moment I was cradled in the arms of love and my soul rejoiced.

While Jesus never talked about this as being the Divine Realm, in this moment I have no doubt that we were given a glimpse of the sacred and Divine and human met.



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