What If…

Good morning!


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 88th Annual Meeting of the Maritime Conference. At noon on Thursday 10 of us will meet here at the church to head off for our weekend together. 7 of the ten, this year, are youth! The Theme for Conference  is “ What if? From Fear to Hope”. I am not sure where this theme will take us but as I think about it several things come to mind for me. It seems that we spend a lot of our time as congregations and as a wider church living in fear of the future. We look at the declining numbers and the changes in the way that our communities gather. We lament that there are no young people in our congregations and that church is no longer a priority for people in general. We are burdened by buildings that are in desperate need of repair and the rising costs associated with operating our institutions; and the list goes on. By focusing on this fear we become paralyzed and our vision is blurred and the demise of the church becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!


What if – we saw the presence of God revealed in our faith families. Communities of faith all over this conference and the country are busy doing the work of Christ. Feeding the hungry; clothing the naked; visiting the sick and imprisoned; speaking up for the oppressed

What if  –  we saw the young people who are exploring their faith and listening for God’s call to them. This weekend there will be over 200 young people gathered in Sackville, NB to do just that! 7 of those young people are from our very own congregation!

What if –  we saw the joy of being in community. Every Sunday we gather in this place to listen for the voice of God, to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, to raise our voices and to surround one another with love.

What if – we learned to celebrate what we have and who we are!

What if – we understood change as an opportunity for possibilities!


If , in fact, we were able to move beyond our fear to celebrate and embody who we are, I believe that this would also be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We would be lifted up and empowered and there would be a bright and amazing future among us.


As the Maritime Conference meets over the next four days I would ask that you hold your church in prayer . May the Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on us!





Reminders of the week:


Don’t forget to mark your calendar for June 1stSpringtime with Brass!  Tickets $10. Proceeds will go toward the restoration of our church!


Sunday morning worship this week with “ Free Spirit”.

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