What We Feel About Time

Good morning!

A couple of weeks ago Chris wrote a piece on his Facebook page about being busy. In it he reflected on how easily those words slip from our lips when someone asks “How are you Doing?”Being busy seems to be the way that we organize our lives and in some ways it feels like this is an expectation in today’s world. We spend a lot of time running to and fro, engaged in many different things and making sure that every minute of the day has something packed in it. Yet we all long for those moments when we can put up our feet and shut out the demands on our lives. Often when I chat with folks there is a longing for simpler times when there didn’t seem to be as much of this busyness. I am reminded of a song written by BuddyWasisname and the Other Fellas called “Still some more to go”. The first verse and chorus go like this:
Sliding down the Barracks hill beyond the speed of light I didn’t know the heart could beat that fast Frozen tears on crimson cheeks and toes gone numb with cold But we didn’t know those moments wouldn’t last. Chorus: Gone are the days and lost are the ways As memories they’re frozen now in time Now the hills seem so much steeper and the ride costs so much more But hang on cause there’s still some more to go.
How quickly time speeds by and how much we miss because we do not take the opportunity to enjoy those moments of simply being. Does the hill really have to be that much steeper? Does our constant moving really bring to life what we need or want? Would it really be that bad if we simply stopped and said “Today, I am doing nothing.”
Chris and I have been exploring this a little this week and we will explore it further on Sunday morning as we gather for worship and think about time. In our conversations we wrote a new hymn that I think reflects what we feel about time and the most healthy way for us to engage in the use of it. I will leave you today with those words.
Take TimeTake time to speak boldly, stand up for what’s right.Seek love and compassion for you are a light.Make bridges connecting all those who are here,Then celebrate goodness and let go of fear.
Take time to tend spirit, be one with Divine.Join hands at the table, eat bread and drink wine.Find spaces for resting, take time to just be,allowing your spirit all beauty to see
Take time to share laughter, let joy flood your soul.Lose all inhibitions, relinquish control.Take time to live wholly. New life has begun.Unite with creation. Come, join in the fun.
Reminders of the Week
Saturday 9am – 4pm Annual Craft Fair . Crafts, bake table and a Café. Come one, come all!!!
Sunday 3pm Memorial Hymn Sing

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