What’s Left?

Good Morning!

This past weekend we had the wonderful experience of gathering with other members of our faith family from around the Maritime Conference for our Annual Meeting. This year the theme of Conference was “What’s Left?” At first glance this question might sound a little pessimistic. At least it did for me and I found myself thinking “now that is a real energizer for a Conference!” (drenching with sarcasm!) Yet like so many things in life, first impressions are not always right and it really doesn’t do one any favours to jump to conclusions.

We had the amazing gift of former moderator, David Gulliano, as our theme speaker . The scripture was the feeding of the 5000 and for three days we were reminded in a variety of ways that the answer to the question “ What’s Left?” is “ Far more than was needed!” We were invited to see our church and our faith journey through the eyes of abundance instead of scarcity ; to see the presence of God in the most unexpected places; and to embrace the reality “ We Are” here, alive and well. This reality was highlighted again and again as we sang and prayed together; as we listened to the voice of our youth and young adults; as we plodded through the business and as we stood around the coffee pot exchanging stories.

On Sunday morning with close to 1000 people gathered in the Arena we celebrated as 6 men and women came forward for the laying on of hands and ordination. With each declaration we proclaimed “Halle-hallelujah”! With an attitude of joy and abundant life “WE ARE!” Throughout the Conference I found myself being asked “ So, how are things in Truro?” Over and Over I said the word – amazing! As I listened to stories of struggle and uncertainty I was reminded of how blessed I am and how blessed we are here at First United. We are gifted with abundance in people, talents and resources and God is revealed through us to the world!

May we have eyes to see the abundance that is ours; may our hearts be lifted and our lives transformed!

Blessings, Valerie

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