Who We Are and Who We Are Created to be

Good morning!

As most of you know I am attempting to write a worship resource while I am away. Part of that is going over the many sermons I have preached in the past five years. It is an interesting process!!! I’ve begun to notice a number of things. First of all, language changes as one grows and learns and moves along the spiritual pathway. Secondly, some language never changes!. One phrase that appears to be one of my favourites (I use it a lot!!) is  “who we are and who we are created to be.”

As I sat on the banks of the river this morning I began to think about this phrase and why it is one that I use so much. I think the first thing is the connection to creation. As I have grown in my spiritual journey I am drawn more and more to the teachings of my ancestors. The beat of the drum unites me with the heartbeat of mother earth and I am reminded that I am one strand in this amazing tapestry that is the universe. I am created to live in relationship with all things and with the divine.

I think the other thing that resonates with me is the concept that, as individuals and communities, we need to both celebrate the present and strive always to create a better future. It suggests movement, growth, change and new life. If all we do is concentrate on who we are in this moment, neither looking back or forward, we risk complacency, stagnation or even death. If all we do is focus on becoming, we fail to embrace the  moments in the now that will shape our tomorrow. Ultimately it is about balance. Balancing reality and dreaming; satisfaction and growth; safety and risk; who we are and who we are created to be.


So today may you take a moment

                        – to celebrate who you are ~ your giftedness, your accomplishments, your place in the universe

                        – to look to who you are created to be ~ the risks you should take, the questions you should ask, the dream you hold for tomorrow.




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