Wisdom is Calling

Good morning!

Well, we made it to Bethlehem and now we begin a new journey and a new year. Some of us have no doubt begun the new year with resolutions to change something, leave something behind or pick something up. May we have the resolve to carry through!

As a congregation we also begin a new journey and look to the future. We will spend the next couple of months caught up in annual meetings and times of visioning. Scripture reminds us “ Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? ( Isaiah 43:18-19) It is an exciting time to be part of this faith family, for God is indeed about to do a new thing! The task before us is to open our hearts and souls that we might perceive it and join in the dance that will lead us to become all that we can be as the body of Christ.

Kate Compston of England had written a piece calls “ Wisdom is Calling”. It is one of my favourite pieces and I think it speaks directly to us on this journey.

I hear you calling In the whisper of the wind, in the rising sap of the trees
In the storm-waves of the sea and the reddening of the earth I hear you calling
In the summons of the drum; in the buzz of the shopping mall In the protest meeting’s march and the rage of the oppressed I hear you calling
In the coursing of my blood; in the singing of my heart In the silence of my soul and the tears that scald the night. Yes. I hear You!
I hear you unfolding.
I hear you laughing.
I hear your lament.
Wisdom is coming! Listen! Listen! What does she say?
‘I undergird creation in the dance of the earth: Step more gently. Attend to all that is. Celebrate what this world might become in the vibrant hands of God!
‘ I beckon all into the community of love: Hear one another’s stories. Seek to understand the hurts. Walk often in your neighbour’s shoes. Be the healing hands of Christ!
‘ I am the grail of every questing soul: Simplify your living. Run barefoot; be poor. Be profligate in sharing the gifts which the Spirit pours into your waiting hands’ Wisdom is calling to me and to you.
“ This is the hour of opportunity” “Ephphatha! Open Up!” What might we hear? How might we be led? Where might the wind be blowing now?”

For us, as we make the journey, may we hear the voice of Wisdom and know the Spirit’s moving!


Reminders of the Week
– Committee Chairs should have their reports submitted for the annual report by January 18th!!!!!!!!
– During office hours please use the main entrance for the hall and check in with Tracy upon your arrival. This is simply for security purposes so that we know who is in the building.
– Sunday 6:30PM – Youth Group gathers in the church parking lot and then we head off for a night of bowling!
– Sunday 6pm – WAGs or Working Adult Group meeting in the Parlour. This is an opportunity for working folks to gather in a time of discussion and fellowship

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