David Jobe

Property and Maintenance

Born and raised in Truro, David graduated from CEC in 1980. Heading to
Toronto to study, he ended up working in Cable TV engineering and service in
Halifax for 15 years. David is the epiphany of “DIY”, and has spent the
last 20 years working for himself around the world. In 2002 he jumped on an
opportunity that took him to China. Falling in love with the country he
lived and work in China for 10 years. While in China David met his wife
Lili, they married and had a wonderful daughter, Eleanor (Elli).
Being brand Ambassador for from “Mild To Wild Hot Sauce Shop”, keeps him
busy on the weekends. He enjoys being outdoors and being busy. “I welcome
the opportunity to be in Truro again and am excited to take over from
Steven. It is a huge undertaking to keep this Church well, which I accept and we all must work together to make big work small.”