No Boundaries

Greetings one and all!


A few nights ago we gathered around the fire pit. The sky was clear and flames of the fire called us together. The sky was littered with the lights of the universe and every now and then a mosquito would buzz around reminding us that we are but one part of the created order. The next day a cold front  descended upon us. Sitting around the fire pit, not quite so appealing, we gathered instead around the woodstove in the cabin. The fire , in each instance, was the element that held us. While fire has the power to destroy and to devastate it also has the power to embrace and warm the body and soul.  It draws people together in community and  around it stories are told and laughter is shared; if you look into the flames you may be blessed to see the dancing spirits; over it food can be prepared and nourishment shared; and it can bring you close to the power and wonder of the creation. 


Chris shared with me that author and theologian   Bruce Sanguin said the one thing he regrets in ministry is not having a Friday night campfire at the church around which people could gather. My immediate thought was “ Ooh, I wonder if we could make that happen?” Now I know that this is probably not realistic, with fire regulations and the like, but wouldn’t it be wonderful!!! Gathering in the church is one thing, or sitting in a sharing circle in the parlour, but to gather around a fire is totally different. There is something welcoming and free about it that , I think, allows people to tap into their true selves. Around the fire there is that open invitation to tell your story and to listen with grace to the story of the other. There is something unifying about a campfire – no one is more important than another; every voice adds to the song of the evening; people are free to stand or sit or come and go as they feel, there are no doors and no boundaries; and , of course, a campfire is loved by old and young alike.


Perhaps it is unrealistic to think of a campfire in the church parking lot ( I will dream, nonetheless!) but it is not unrealistic to think that perhaps we can glean some of the lessons of the fire; tap into its warmth and freedom and gather in other places to share our stories and explore our faith without doors and boundaries.  


I look into the fire and see

The dancing flames of souls set free

They surround me in the dance of life

Gently calming waves of strife

Around the fire are stories told

Wisdom shared and truths unfold





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