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Friendly reminder ~ please have your bulletin announcements submitted to the Church Office, in writing, by Thursday mornings at 10 am. Thursdays are Bulletin Day ~ this means limited access to Tracy and the photocopier!!

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Rev. Valerie is requesting assistance from members of the congregation by contacting her (902-324-1615) or the Church Office (902-895-8098) if there is someone they know from the congregation who is ill or in hospital.

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Fundscrip – Do you shop at Sobeys? Buy gas at Canadian Tire? Dine out? You could be buying Fundscrip Gift Cards from the church to help us raise funds for ongoing programming (and to help pay the bills!) You pay the face value of the card and we get a discount. It costs you nothing extra, but really helps us out! Order forms are available at the back of the church and the church office.  Place your order one week and pick it up the next!

ORDERS are placed on the first Tuesday of each month.  

Next Order:  August 6th ~ Orders due by Thursday, July 30th ~ 12  Noon!!   Need more info?  Call Tracy in the Church Office – 902-895-8098.

Don’t want to order?  Purchase cards directly from the Church Office – Sobeys, and Superstore!!  $50 denominations.

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The Food Bank Sunday is last Sunday of the month.   Please remember those in our community who are less fortunate, and give as you can. Items always in need are canned meats & milk, soups, cereals, beans, macaroni, juices, tea and coffee.  Non perishable items may be left in the Food Bank box any Sunday of the month.

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Change for Change is held the first Sunday of each month (except July & August).  Our Sunday School students collect your pocket change during the service and the money supports a scholarship for girls in Guatemala.

Please note ~ the office is now on Summer Hours.  For the months of June, July & August – office hours will be 8:30 – 12:30 pm (Monday to Friday).

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Church Library is located upstairs in Memorial Hall, Room #2.  There is an excellent selection of Pastoral Care Books, Theology Books, and books for children and some for teens.  If you navigate the stairs please visit!

Film Group ~ Fall 2019 ~ Beginning Tuesday, September 24th at 10 am – Films have been added to the Calendar – just click on the entry to get full details.

Fall Biblical Literature Study ~ Beginning Wednesday, September 25th at 10am we welcome everyone to a study of the Gospel of John. This Gospel has been described as a stream In which a child can wade and an elephant can swim. There are “riddles” here so complex that after 2000 years even the best minds cannot Agree to the meaning. Over the summer you are encouraged to read through the Gospel of John ( in any version) and the Letters of I, II, III John

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Fine Art Photography in Memorial Hall ~ Memorial Hall will be the new home for a collection of stretched canvas prints that are the work of our Minister of Faith, Rev. Roger There are scenes from Truro & area and such locations as Peggy’s Cove, Lower Economy and Halifax Public Gardens. Roger creates his prints by employing a photo-painting process that is unique to his understanding of light and colour in Photographic Art. Roger is interested in the school of Contemplative Photography, moving beyond the mere technical aspects to reflecting on how the eye, mind and imagination work together to produce fine works of artistic prints that expand your vision of the world around you. The prints are all for sale, for a suggested donation. All funds received go directly to the work of First United Church. See Tracy in the Office.
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